Pioneering visionaries… changing the world

Pioneering Visionaries… Changing The World

Earhart Consulting is a start-up company focused on providing the South African Commercial and Industrial Environment with professional coaching as well as financial and outsourced business services.

We are driven to serve a need and improve the economic landscape of SA with conservative growth, in operational capacity and contract acquisitions.

Earhart Consulting maintains the highest quality service with global experience and has the ability to meet all our customers needs by being responsible and flexible to additional requests and prompt timing constraints.

Business Innovation

Post Investment Business Plan Implementation.

Financial Advisory

Funding and Financial Services.

Performance Coaching

Entrepreneurs and Leaders Mentoring.


    To be recognised by all stakeholders as an integral contributor to economic growth and success.


    To achieve a turnover for ensuring strong shareholder value.


    • Provide superior services
    • Stakeholder satisfaction
    • Excellence in Governance

Earhart Consulting is looking forward to connecting with you! Contact us today to take your business to the next level.

Dr John Demartini
Earhart Consulting Entrepreneurs and Leaders Seminar