Will Searle

Will Searle

Founder of Axillium Research, a recognised leader in public/private investment, strategic cooperation and innovation programme delivery.

Axillium Research provides guidance on innovation, investment, strategy, leadership and business planning and have a track record for delivering growth through high value innovation projects & programmes from basic research to prototype manufacturing.

We operate and govern a £200m portfolio of public & private investment in Digital Tech, Composites, Aerospace, Automotive & Defence for a range of blue chip clients of all scales.

Axillium was founded in 2007 to provide business management and consulting support to companies researching and deploying high-value manufacturing technology.

We have grown rapidly since and we now focus on providing specialist innovation management in research by establishing cooperative business methods within a specialised investment framework.

As the company director I lead our client engagements with experience and knowledge gained from working in the field both in the UK and abroad.


  • Axillium has grown rapidly since 2007, specializing in establishing collaborative business methods within a bespoke innovation management framework.
  • Will provides guidance on strategy, leadership and business planning and has a wide experience of business and technology delivery in the High Value Industrial Sectors as well as Advanced Materials and ICT fields.
  • Underpinning the company’s 10 year growth plan, Will leads Axillium strategy for innovation in both traditional and emerging markets, directing investments in Industrial Strategy, Data Sciences, Connected Transport & Future Cities.


Innovation Strategy
Governance & Leadership
Business Planning & Board Experience
Consultancy & Delivery


  • 1996-2007 IBM Consultant for Blue Chip e-business & motorsport markets, former ICT Programme Manager & lead for Virtual Manufacturing Research, Airbus
  • 2007-2017 Founder Axillium Research, taking lead on governance & innovation at academic, board & ministerial review of ongoing activities
  • 2015 -2017, co-founder of SCIOP, the Smart & Connected Innovation On Ramp Programme, providing industrial supervision & innovation strategy to Big Data stakeholders in both the UK & South Africa