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Earhart Consulting Entrepreneurs and Leaders Seminar

Earhart Consulting recently hosted its Entrepreneurs and Leaders seminar at Henley Business School in Johannesburg; the first in what will be a series of opportunities for South African businesses to be inspired to make their mark on the economic and industrial landscape of South Africa and beyond, by being provided with the tools to participate competitively in all Industries.

This full day event saw industry leaders Patricia Norris, a pioneering industrialist, John Demartini, a world renown human behavioralist, Will Seattle, the UK’s recognised leader in independent public/private investment, strategic innovation & programme management as well as Stephan Du Pleases, seasoned corporate finance practitioner, join forces and deliver on their combined wealth of knowledge to a room full of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Each with their own challenges and opportunities, attendees left having benefitted significantly from the proven knowledge, experience and insights of each of the experts. The value of this event was further enriched by the opportunity for delegates to engage in a networking lunch, which took the format of a match and invest platform, providing space for delegates to meet and interact with local funders.

Earhart Consulting offers a fully integrative service, operating within the pre-investment, feasibility, post-investment and post-project stages. Each of which correspond to the four tailored Earhart services of Performance Coaching, Financial Advisory, Operations and Development Services and Securing Stakeholder Returns, respectively.

The next Earhart Entrepreneurs and Leaders Seminar will be hosted in Cape Town in August 2018.

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