Dr John Demartini

Ten Principles of Great Achievers

I just had the opportunity to present the “Ten Principles of Great Achievers” tonight at the Brisbane Convention Center in Brisbane Australia. It was a very inspiring night. Hundreds of attendees were in attendance.

I shared some of my high achievement principles that have been commonly applied by those who have accomplished truly amazing achievements, in business or other pursuits. I emphasized the importance of being clear and concise on your primary aim or mission; making sure your mission is congruent with what you intrinsically value most; prioritizing your daily actions to identify what is truly most important and productive; delegating your lower priority actions to those most skillful and inspired to fulfill them; inspiring lower level leadership team building to engage those helping you fulfill your mission; measuring your and their daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly results with meaningful metrics; refining your course of action through feedback; associating with expanded visionaries and leaders in your field that will stretch your objectives and standards and raise the bar; leveraging your opportunities through brand building; honoring your actions through economic rewards; keeping current with the market needs and others.

I loved watching attendee’s light bulbs go off and seeing them see their new possibilities, breaking through their mental plateaus or obstacles and initiating their prioritized actions.

I next present my signature seminar program The Breakthrough Experience over the weekend at the Melbourne Convention Center in Melbourne Australia and then I have another presentation in Melbourne on Monday evening before flying to Sydney for media, consulting and seven more days of seminar presentations.

I would love to hear about the many great achievements that you have already made since our recent Leaders and Entrepreneurs Conference in Johannesburg. It is important to remember how vital human values are when leading, managing, communicating, negotiating, selling and serving or any business results you desire to achieve. Ask yourself each day: “What is the highest priority action step I can take right now that will help me build ever greater momentum towards my inner most dominant dream or mission?” Sticking to high priority actions builds your self-worth and more fully awakens your natural leadership capacities or potentials. I look forward to our next communication and or interaction.

Dr John Demartini – International educator, best-selling author, consultant